Mixing Alesia With Pleasure

Mixing Alesia With Pleasure

“Let’s get your cock nice and hard so it’s ready when I put it in my mouth,” Alesia says as she kneels between your legs and strokes your cock through your jeans. “Your cock is going to feel so good in my mouth.”

Don’t we know it! The thing is, though, that Alesia knows all about teasing a guy, so at first, she takes her time, and then when she gets his cock out, she strokes it and talks to it, and only after licking it a few times does she finally put it in her mouth. There we go!

Alesia is 45 years old and owns a medical billing service in a small city near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Medical billing service” might not sound too exciting, and Alesia would be the first to admit that it isn’t. But Alesia’s life is exciting. Very exciting. She told us that she once had sex outside a bagel shop in the back of her SUV in broad daylight. And the first time she ever had sex, the guy went anal on her without alerting her to the fact that he was about to stick his cock in her ass.

Alesia is engaged to be married, but for a long time, she was trapped in a rotten marriage in which her ex-hubby would say things like, “If you go down on me, I’ll go down on you.” After dealing with an attitude like that, it’s amazing that sucking cock didn’t turn into a chore for Alesia. But it obviously didn’t, judging by the way she slurps on the cock in this scene and jerks the shaft while her lips grip the head.

“I like to make a man smile, and I love to make a man cum,” she says. “It means he had a good time.”

The load the guy shoots all over Alesia’s pretty face in this scene? We think that means he had a very good time.

Mixing Alesia With Pleasure

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