Mirabella Amore – Mirabella’s first time

Mirabella's first time

Mirabella, who’s 43 years old and looks like she was made to do pictures like these for guys like us, makes her worldwide XXX debut by showing off her throating and fucking skills. Mirabella is a skinny blonde with big tits, long legs and a nice little ass. She looks like a fuck toy. She is a fuck toy, as you’re about to see.

Mirabella is from a small town in Georgia, where people just don’t do this kind of thing for all the world to see.

“It’s very conservative,” she said. “They would be surprised to see me here.”

One person who won’t be surprised to see her here: the guy she works for. Mirabella is a caregiver. She gives him care. This guy also happens to be an agent. You know, a guy who finds girls like Mirabella for websites like 40SomethingMag.com. He sent her our way. We’d love to know how he knew that Mirabella would be perfect for us, but she wouldn’t say.

Mirabella lives in South Florida. She likes romantic comedies. She has four dogs. She likes taking them for long walks. We’re dogs. She can take us wherever she wants as long as the day ends with a blow job. We’re dogs who will give her a bone.

“I always dress like a lady and classy in public because it’s best to leave something to the imagination,” she said.

She leaves nothing to the imagination in this scene. Welcome to the show, Mirabella.

Mirabella's first time

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