Meet Brie Daniels

Meet Brie Daniels

“I had fantasized about doing porn my whole life,” said Brie Daniels, a 58-year-old divorcee and mom who was born in Washington and lives in Clearwater, Florida. “But I did all of the family things and now, I get to do the me thing. And I had shooting porn on my list.”

This is Brie’s week at Today, solo photos and video. Thursday, this saucy redhead sucks and fucks on-camera for the first time.

“I had fantasies in the back of my mind, but I was always a little prudish and didn’t want to tell anyone what my fantasies were, so I didn’t tell anyone what I wanted to do,” Brie said.

Which was this.

But Brie hasn’t always kept her naughty fantasies in check. When she was 25, she was a peep show girl in Van Nuys, California. She’d be on one side of a booth and a guy whom she’d never met would be on the other side with only a pane of glass between them.

“I could be as naughty as I wanted,” she said. “Have them cum on my face…well, on the glass. I liked to get on the phone between us and talk dirty. Say, ‘Oh, baby, give me that cock nice and deep’ as I opened up my pussy for them, and he’d shoot it all over the glass.”

We asked Brie if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “I think they’d be very surprised because what goes on in my head and what goes on in the bedroom is not public. I put on the real strait-laced, prudish, office girl, soccer mom type of look all the time. The first time at work when I stubbed my toe and swore up a blue streak, they were all surprised. They had never heard me swear.”

Nor had they seen her naked tits and hairy pussy. They’d never seen her play with her pussy, which is what she’s doing here. Having a good time. Cumming over and over again. Brie is obviously enjoying herself. Now she wants you to enjoy her.

Meet Brie Daniels

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