Marilyn fucks her daughter’s boyfriend

Marilyn fucks her daughter's boyfriend

When 50-year-old Marilyn Masters finds her daughter’s cell phone while cleaning her room, she’s shocked by a new message that just came in: a dick pic! Not only a dick pic but a pic of a very big dick.

“I can’t believe this,” Marilyn says. “She is going to get grounded.”

But then she has second thoughts.

“She has good taste in cock,” Marilyn decides, and she replies on her daughter’s mobile: COME NOW. I AM HOME ALONE.

Of course, the guy thinks he just got a message from Marilyn’s daughter, and he’s shocked when he rushes over, knocks on the door and Mrs. Masters answers.

“Are you looking for Cindy, my daughter?” she asks, showing him the phone. “This must be you. I hope so. You should be ashamed of yourself. She’s only 18 and you should be with women a little older, like my age.”

She invites him in, and before long, she’s undressing him and showing him what a mature woman can do.

And that’s how Marilyn’s first on-camera fuck scene begins. It ends with cum all over her beautiful face.

Marilyn is a divorcee from Michigan who lives in Florida. She used to be married to a guy who was way too conservative. He’d be surprised to see her here. The rest of the people she knows wouldn’t be.

“If anything, they’d be surprised that it took me so long before I explored this avenue.”

Marilyn measures 34-26-34 with D-cup tits. Very nice.

Favorite movie: Great Expectations.

“I’m an artist, so besides painting, I really enjoy creating beautiful things.”

Like fuck photos!

“I can’t really label myself a swinger, although I have had a few interesting adventures along with a variety of threesomes,” she said. “I once walked into an orgy with about 50 people going at it. That was very interesting.”

We asked her if she’s ever had sex with a much-younger guy.

“Yes,” she said, “about 25 years younger. But I don’t have to tell you about it. You can watch it right now!”

Marilyn fucks her daughter's boyfriend

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