Maria Fawndeli gets very wet

Maria Fawndeli gets very wet

Maria Fawndeli gets very wet

Today, 60-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Maria Fawndeli talks dirty, plays with her big tits and fucks her pussy with her fingers. Near the start of the scene, she has a butt plug in her ass. When she fingers her cunt, we can hear her juices slish-sloshing. The woman is very wet. She gets her legs all the way back so we can see her asshole while she fingers her pussy.

“I’d love to have a man fucking me right now,” she says as she fingers herself.

We’d love to be fucking Maria right now.

Maria has one intense orgasm after another in this very hot solo video.

“I grew up as a religious goodie-two-shoes full of judgments and condemnations,” Maria said. “This really will be a fucking shock to most of those who think they know me.”

60Plus MILFs: How did you find out about this? How did you end up here?

Maria: Well, I’d been releasing the fears, shame and guilt of my youth and religion and thinking about branching out and exploring my sexuality. I told my husband that I would like to be in a sexy 60Plus magazine for my 60th birthday. We looked up several online sites. I like the presentations of the women at and we saw an ad that I responded to. So I said to my husband, “It’s time I branch out.” I was almost 60, and decided for my 60th birthday, “I think I would like to try adult. Maybe see if I can get into 60Plus MILFs.” I figured it was too late to get into 50Plus MILFs, so here I am, and it’s awesome!

60Plus MILFs: Did you contact us?

Maria: Yes! We were looking at porn. My husband and I like to look at porn together. And so we were looking at porn and an ad came up and it went along with exactly what I was thinking about for my birthday, so I said, “I’m going to do that.” So I sent in my pictures, and here I am!

60Plus MILFs: What did you think the experience was going to be like before you came here? Did it turn out different?

Maria: I thought it would be more drawn out with more interplay. A lot more cuts. A lot more, “Stop this position! Go to that position!” And it was more flowing, and I really loved the flow of being who I am and being as natural as I can be and just honest and truthful. It was a lot more like real sex. And it was fun playing with a younger man. I enjoyed that a lot! Especially such a good-looking, young man. He was so nice. This was a wonderful experience, and I would love to do it again.

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