Mallory makes her man later for work

Mallory makes her man later for work

Mallory Taylor, a 40-year-old divorcee and mom, convinces her man to have sex with her before he leaves for work. It doesn’t take much convincing, not with her hot body and really nice ass. Once she puts her hand on his crotch, it’s game over and time to call in late.

“People wouldn’t be surprised to see me here,” said Mallory, who lives in Michigan. “They accept and approve whatever I like, which is lots of sex.”

We’re sure you’ll notice that Mallory’s pussy isn’t shaved all the way. She keeps a little bit of hair on it.

“It makes me feel more womanly than being completely bald,” she said.

Mallory has sex at least three times a week and masturbates when she needs to satisfy herself. Her fantasy is to have public sex, and eating her pussy is the best way to make her cum.

“I love it when a man passionately licks my pussy and sucks on my clit. I think it’s extremely erotic for me to cum all over a man’s face while he licks me.”

Here, Alex doesn’t eat Mallory’s pussy because, well, he’s late for work. Besides, Mallory gets so turned on by sucking his cock that she wants it inside her pussy as soon as possible, and what man is going to say no to that? What man is going to say no to Mallory? None we know.

Mallory makes her man later for work

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