Listen to your teacher!

Listen to your teacher!

“I have a side business,” said Anna Moore, a 43-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Tampa, Florida. “I’m an in-home consultant for a sex toy company. I sell toys on the side along with lingerie. And one of my students’ moms went to a training with me and she was like, ‘I’m so excited to meet you. You’re my daughter’s teacher!’ I was like, ‘Please don’t tell her you saw me today!’ And lo and behold, within a week, there were rumors galore. At first it was that I worked in a sex store, and some of the students who were 18 were going to try to find where I worked. Some of them said I had an escort business. Some of them said I had sex on the side. The rumors flew. And that’s when I had to cut back a little on what I was wearing. A little more conservative.”

A few things about what Anna just said:

1. She used to be a high school math and Sunday school teacher;

2. She’s not a teacher anymore;

3. Even though she works for a company that sells sex toys, here, she’s not using a toy to get off. She’s using her fingers and plunges them deep inside her wet, pierced pussy. “Fingers: the oldest sex toy of all and still the best.” How’s that for a marketing slogan?

Anna used to be a prude.

“Twenty years ago, I wasn’t even having orgasms,” she said. “I was your typical Sunday school teacher, completely covered head to toe most of the time. I was a very frumpy mom type back then. I was praying for my children, praying for all the little kids. It was all nice and cutesy and perfect. The me of 20 years ago wouldn’t have even envisioned this. I didn’t own anything sexy. I had the typical granny panties. My bras were plain old Playtex bought from Sears or JCPenney. I never even considered exploring anything remotely sexy. The word cleavage was definitely not in my dictionary.”

It is now. So is “pussy” and “take your cock out of your pants and jack off while I play with myself” and all of those other good things.

Anna’s proof that women get better as they get older.

Listen to your teacher!

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