Lisa Marie and her unusual toy

Lisa Marie and her unusual toy

Lisa Marie and her unusual toy

Hot-bodied 60-year-old Lisa Marie Heart is back. She’s wearing a corset that shows off her big, beautiful tits, panties, stockings, a garter belt and fuck-me pumps. Sure, Lisa Marie is a divorcee, but she’s also a mother and a grandmother, and it’s rare that you see a grandma who looks as good as she does. Of course, when you do see one, she’s at

After her tits come out and her panties come off, Lisa Marie takes out an unusual toy and fucks herself with it.

“I was a topless dancer for many years,” Lisa Marie said. “I really like dancing and teasing men.”

60PLUSMILFS: So how did you transition from dancing to escorting?

Lisa Marie: This is a funny story. One day, I came into work at the club where I was dancing, and this girl said, “Are you Lisa Marie?” And I said, “Yeah,” and she said, “You fucked my client,” and I said, “Oh my god, I didn’t know he was your client,” and she said, “I wouldn’t have minded, but you did it for free.” And I said, “Yeah, he was really fun. We fucked for hours,” and she said, “He pays me to fuck him, and now he’s not going to do it anymore because you’re so much fun.” And that’s when I realized I could have more fun with the guys outside the club, so when a guy would turn me on, I would ask him if he wanted to see me outside the club. No agencies. Just me.

60PLUSMILFS: What do you like best about being an escort?

Lisa Marie: I really like turning men on. It really turns me on to know that I can give a man so much pleasure.

60PLUSMILFS: Do you go to them or do they come to you?

Lisa Marie: If they want me to come to their house, I will, but I try to talk them out of it because my house is set up for sex. I have this gorgeous, big bed with disco lights everywhere. I have places where we can tie each other up. I have mirrors. They can watch me giving them a blow job. I always start a session with a lap dance to slowly find out what they like, what turns them on. I tell them to keep their eyes open while I’m giving them a blow job. They always say it’s like a porn star experience. And that’s why I decided to try porn. They all said, “You should do porn. You’re so good at it.” A girlfriend recommended me to The SCORE Group and sent in my pictures for me, and you took me right away. I was shocked.

60PLUSMILFS: What gets you off?

LIsa Marie: I like it really soft, and I really like them to hum on my pussy. I love dirty talk.

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