Kiki D’Aire & The Fuck Machine

Kiki D'Aire & The Fuck Machine

Another busy week at begins with 43-year-old Kiki D’Aire, a woman we’ve known since she was 26, showing off her new toy. It’s a fuck machine! You’re her guy but you’re away, so this contraption is going to have to do.

“Now whenever I get all lonely and am missing your cock,” Kiki says, “I can just turn this on. It’s kinda like having you with me. I do get really lonely when you’re not here, and I wanna play. Do you think I should try it out?”

Damn right we do! Kiki takes off her top to show us her big tits.

“I know how much you love playing with my titties,” she says as she jiggles them. “Putting your cock between them. I wonder if I’m going to like the way it fucks because I love the way you fuck me.”

Well, we’re going to find out because before long, Kiki has her panties off (but keeps her sexy stockings on) and lets the fuck machine do what it was designed to do: fuck her pussy.

Thursday, Kiki will get the real thing: a big, black cock in her mouth and pussy.

Even though Kiki loves sex and is horny just about all the time, she’s not all about cumming. We asked her what she would do if time were frozen for 24 hours, and she said, “I’d want to visit Europe hundreds of years ago and check our historical places, like Rome. I love history.” And when we asked her how she’d spend a million dollars, she said, “I’d get myself a nice home with a bit of land for my animals and reinvest a huge chunk of it.”

Her biggest mental asset: “I’ve learned to walk away from that which does not serve my soul and puts me in a bad place.” is the right place for Kiki.

Kiki D'Aire & The Fuck Machine

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