Kenzi Foxx: ass-to-mouth and a lot more

Kenzi Foxx: ass-to-mouth and a lot more

Kenzi Foxx and her guy have just gotten home from their date, and it’s time to get down to business. Kenzi, a 50-year-old wife and mom, wearing a tight, short, nearly backless dress, pushes her guy down onto the bed and sucks his cock and balls, keeping an eye on the camera at times to let us know she knows we’re there. Within the first five minutes, Kenzi’s jacking his cock and it looks like Nicky might cum right then and there. But he doesn’t.

“Spit on those balls,” he tells her, and she complies. Then she gags herself on his dick.

Kenzi takes off her dress so he can suck on her big tits and pierced nipples, then she goes back to his cock because she just can’t resist. He fucks her tits and her mouth, and she gets another mouthful of balls. This woman really loves the family jewels!

So, what’s next? Nicky’s going to fuck her pussy, right? Not yet! He eats out her asshole and, with Kenzi on all fours, ass up in the air, slams his cock deep inside her butt.

“Oh, god, I’m getting soaking wet,” she says, moaning. “Get in there real deep!”

Kenzi rides his cock with her ass reverse-cowgirl, then she sucks his cock, which just came out of her ass. Kenzi is a nasty MILF!

If you’re wondering if Nicky ever gets around to fucking her pussy, well, yes, he does, while rubbing her huge clit. And he cums on her tits, which are worthy of attention.

“I’ll call ya,” Nicky says after he has emptied his sac.

“Please do,” Kenzi says as she licks his cum off her tits and fingers. She’s another satisfied 50Plus MILF.

Kenzi Foxx: ass-to-mouth and a lot more

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