Kenzi Foxx and her double-trouble toy

Kenzi Foxx and her double-trouble toy

A big week of action at 50PlusMILFs and 60PlusMILFs kicks off today with 50-year-old Kenzi Foxx, dressed (well, almost dressed) in a fetish outfit that shows off her big, fake tits, using a big, black, multi-purpose dildo that fucks her pussy and rubs her big clit at the same time.

“You like what you see?” Kenzi says, slapping her ass. “I was a bad girl today. Don’t you wish you were here to punish me? I need to be taught a lesson.”

Kenzi teaches herself a lesson with her cat o’ nine tails and that fuck toy. Her body is mint: perfect tits, pierced nipples, small waist, tight ass, long legs. She’s wearing sparkling heels that show off those gams.

Today, Kenzi is going solo. Thursday, she’s going to get ass-fucked by a hung stud. He’s going to give her an anal creampie. And in-between at 60PlusMILFs, Cammille Austin is going to show us how she squirts. So if you’re staying inside during these difficult times, we’re here to keep you entertained. Yes, hard times call for hard-ons.

Back to Kenzi. She’s a wife and mom. She’s a personal trainer who lives in Orlando, Florida. Here’s some more…

50Plus MILFs: You’re very happily married, correct?

Kenzi: Yes, I am, and my husband is wonderful. He’s supportive of all my sexual habits. My previous husband was very conservative, and that’s why we split up. I needed more excitement, more adventure. I love showing my body off. My husband and I love going to parties because he loves watching me do gang bangs. I’ve been a swinger for a couple of years. I started out in BDSM and expanded to being shared at parties. One time, there was a line of guys waiting their turn, and I started sucking this guy’s cock while someone else was fucking me, and his wife started instructing me on how to suck his cock. The direction she was giving me was really hot.

50Plus MILFs: Has shooting for us changed you?

Kenzi: Yes. I’m more open now, and I love the attention I’m getting.

Kenzi Foxx and her double-trouble toy

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