Katrina Kink – Katrina’s kink is getting ass-fucked

Katrina's kink is getting ass-fucked

When this scene opens, 46-year-old Katrina is on the phone with a friend. The friend tells her all about the personal trainer she’s been working with. And fucking. The thought of this gets Katrina so turned on that she 1.) Starts playing with herself through her workout clothes; and 2.) Demands the trainer’s phone number.

Fortunately, Katrina’s friend is willing to share, and the next thing we see is Katrina and the trainer having a workout session. This is an unusual trainer. He’s very hands-on, especially when he’s stretching out Katrina. And she’s very hands-on when she sits up from a stretch and grabs his crotch.

The workout session is now officially over.

The sucking and fucking officially begins. Katrina gets ass-fucked, too, in her first anal scene.

When we asked Katrina if she was into anal sex, she gave us a one-word answer: “YES!”

“I like hard, fast sex. I like to be manhandled. I like adventure and being an exhibitionist. I’m also into fetish modeling, leather, ropes and bondage. I like to be tied up and to tie up others. My first bondage experience was great. It was a huge dungeon scene and a raging party. The best part was being tied up and having multiple hands on my body pleasuring me. After that I was hooked.”

Now she’s hooked on anal, too.

Katrina's kink is getting ass-fucked

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