Kailani gets ass-fucked by her daughter’s new boyfriend

Kailani gets ass-fucked by her daughter's new boyfriend

When the daughter’s away, the mom…well, what does the average mom do when her daughter isn’t home and she finds the daughter’s boyfriend fast asleep in said daughter’s bed? We’re guessing that most mothers wouldn’t be so happy about this. They’d wonder why their daughter brought home a guy–and slept with him, right under the parental roof–without asking permission. Not that permission would have been granted. In most cases.

But Kailani Kai, a 47-year-old divorcee and mom from Hawaii, isn’t like most mothers. For one, she’s super-sexy with a very curvy body: big, juicy, round ass and huge tits…tits she recently super-sized so she could attract the attention of young men. Most moms do not do that.

Another thing most moms don’t do: suck and fuck cock on-camera for all the world to see at an international website. Indeed, that makes this mother special.

So here’s Kailani, looking sexy as usual, doing some housework, suddenly aware that her daughter, Amanda, isn’t home and there’s a strange man–a very young man–sleeping in Amanda’s bed. So she walks in. Introduces herself. Asks how long he and her daughter have been dating. Tells him she wants to get to know him better.

Hmmm…you know what that means when Kailani’s the mom. It means she’s going to suck her daughter’s boyfriend’s morning wood and fuck it, too. P.O.V.-style, by the way. She’s going to show her daughter’s boyfriend her big ass and shove her tits in his face. And guess what else?

Kailani asks her daughter’s boyfriend if her daughter ever let him fuck her ass.

Turns out she hasn’t.

“Well, I will,” Kailani says. And before long, this lucky dude is fucking his girlfriend’s hot mom in the ass and cumming all over her big tits and pretty face.

Like we said, Kailani is not the average mom. And her daughter wouldn’t like this if she found out. But the way we see it, if you’re a young girl and you have a hot mom like Kailani, you have to keep a close eye on your mother. Because if you don’t, this might happen.

Kailani gets ass-fucked by her daughter's new boyfriend

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