Jenna’s Tug Job Fantasy

Jenna's Tug Job Fantasy

“I was raised in a conservative, religious household and community, so I denied my desires until about the age of 35,” said Jenna Bouche, a happily married 44-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida. “Since then, I have been fortunate to have fulfilled many fantasies, but a few remain and new ones emerge.”

One of those fantasies was to have sex on-camera (and it happens to be her husband’s fantasy, too).

“I’d thought about it often, but for most of my adult life, I never had the confidence or the courage or felt free enough to do it until now,” she said. “Me and my husband both have strong exhibitionist streaks. He likes to watch me with other men, and I like when he watches, so when I go home, we’re definitely going to watch this scene together, probably with his cock out and me giving him a hand job. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Born in Pensacola Florida and raised in Louisiana, Jenna sells life insurance and is the mother of grown children. They’re out on their own now, and Jenna is going wild: swinging, showing off her pretty ass to anyone who wants to see it and, today, tugging JMac’s big cock. Jenna admits that she was a little nervous before the scene, but as soon as she got her hand on his cock, it sprung up and her anxiety melted away. She tugs JMac’s cock. She has him tit-fuck her. Then she has him blow his load all over her face, and she smiles the whole time because she couldn’t be happier.

And that’s what we do at We make people happy.

Jenna's Tug Job Fantasy

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