Jenna gets ass-fucked to fix her kid’s grade

Jenna gets ass-fucked to fix her kid's grade

Super-MILF Jenna goes to her son’s school with every intention of complaining to his teacher about his low grade. But instead of a piece of her mind, what she ends up giving the muscle-bound instructor is a wet blow job and an extrance exam into her tight pussy and asshole.

But does her kid’s grade get fixed?

We’re guessing it does.

Jenna is a saleswoman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s into spanking and anal. She wears short, tight-fitting dresses, and her kids aren’t always happy about that, but, hey, if it fixes their grades, they can’t complain. She’s divorced and likes going out on double dates. And if all goes right…

“We’ll end up fucking each other,” Jenna said. “I love eating pussy, especially while I’m getting fucked.”

We have a feeling Jenna would’ve fucked this teacher even if her kid was already getting an “A.”

Jenna gets ass-fucked to fix her kid's grade