Jacquie James – Jacquie James’ first nude photos

Jacquie James' first nude photos

“I’ve always had a wild side,” said Jacquie James, a 45-year-old mother and, believe it or not, a grandmother, too, who is making her worldwide getting-naked-on-camera debut.

Jacquie found her way to the 40Something studio in an unusual way: She’s the girlfriend of a model agent’s father. Looks like Dad knows talent when he sees it.

“Some people who know me might be surprised to see me here, but not really,” she said. “I’m very sexual, and I’ve always taken care of my body. I used to be a personal fitness trainer.”

Jacquie enjoys watching football (she’s a New England Patriots fan) and boxing.

“I was the only girl in my class when I took kickboxing for seven years,” she said.

She also likes dancing and diving, and, yes, you can go down on her.

“I like a guy who’s tough on the inside and sweet on the outside,” she said. “I love a guy with glasses.”

Hey, that includes sunglasses, right? We asked her what she wants to try that she’s never done, and she said, “Parasailing.” And by the way, just in case you were wondering, and we’re sure you were, her tits are D-cups.

“I love them,” she said. “They get me a lot of attention.”

Jacquie James' first nude photos

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