It’s party time in Amelie’s ass!

It's party time in Amelie's ass!

Our photos and videos always make for good jacking experiences. Sometimes, they even make for good learning experiences. But this is one of those situations where we suggest that you jack but don’t try to learn anything.

Here’s what we mean: The guy in this scene has fucked up. He was supposed to take 40-year-old Amelie to a party, but he fell asleep in his underwear. She’s pissed. Disappointed. She pouts. He tries to make nice by rubbing her tits and pussy.

ATTENTION! This usually does not work! Try this with your wife or girlfriend and she’ll probably say, “Stop pawing my tits and get dressed.” But Amelie is not like most wives and girlfriends.

How forgiving is Amelie?

She sucks his cock. She fucks him. She even lets him fuck her ass.

Of course, she likes getting her ass fucked, so maybe she’s getting what she wants.

Amelie, who’s from Prague, Czech Republic, has nice tits, by the way. They’re big and firm. Nice nipples, too. They’re long and hard. She’s a divorcee and a MILF. She works as a store clerk. She proves, once again, that most Czech women like anal sex, so think about that when you’re planning your next vacation.

But when you say you’re going to take one of them to a party, take her to a party. Don’t expect her to give up her ass.

It's party time in Amelie's ass!

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