It’s cool to be a fuckable mom

It’s cool to be a fuckable mom

It's cool to be a fuckable mom

“I’m fucking more than I ever have in my life,” said Luna Azul, a swinger from Los Angeles, California. “I don’t care how old a guy is. I don’t even care what he looks like, as long as he has a hard cock and knows how to lick my pussy.”

In this scene, Luna is tidying up her house, waiting for her son to come home. When her son’s friend shows up, Luna, who has wanted his cock for a long time, tells him they have an hour to kill, so why not fuck? Hey, why not?

“You wanna know the truth?” Luna told us. “This scene isn’t just a fantasy. It’s something I’ve done in real life.”

Children are always talking about having cool parents. Luna is a very cool mom, probably a lot cooler than most kids would want their mothers do be, and that’s very cool with us.

For one, Luna is pushing 60, but she looks closer to 40. Her body is mint; big tits, firm ass. Then there’s the tattoo on her arm, which is very today. And there’s that very sexy jewelry on her pussy. That’s something only cool moms do. But Luna ramps up the cool to an even higher level.

“My hobbies are pole dancing and riding my Harley,” she said. “My fetish is to be spanked hard, I’ve had sex in an airplane at 20,000 feet, and I’m not just talking about a blow job in the lavatory but full sex.”

How else is Luna cool? Well, she’s proud of her tight pussy.

“Guys are surprised when they find out my pussy is so tight,” Luna said. “They figure, ‘She’s a mature woman. Her pussy must be loose.’ But that has nothing to do with it. I take care of my pussy. I do my pussy exercises every day. My pussy is so tight, it’ll make your cock feel huge, even if it isn’t. And that’s good for me because I can squeeze cum out of your cock. I love it!”

Cool. Very cool.

It's cool to be a fuckable mom

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