It’s BBC day for Leilani

It's BBC day for Leilani

The last time we saw 50-year-old wife and mom Leilani Lei, we asked her, “What’s up?” And Leilani said. “Hopefully a cock is up somewhere?”

Well, cocks are always up when Leilani’s in the vicinity, and this time, a big, black cock is up and ready to fuck her tiny body.

“I don’t feel 50,” said Leilani, who we first met at She doesn’t look it, either, even though she has long, grey hair that gives away her age in a very sexy way.

“My man cooks, cleans and runs errands so I can concentrate on being sexy,” Leilani said. “The way I look at a man and wiggle my body at him makes him feel as if he is the only man in the world.”

Leilani lives in Florida. We asked her if she watched her scenes at, and she said, “Yes! I watched them with my hubby.” We asked her what she thought about those scenes, and she said, “I was very happy with them. I thought I did okay for the first time but there was room for improvement.”

These hot MILFs can be so critical of themselves. They’re always looking to improve. So, here, Leilani is in the gym with Stallion. She shows him her flexibility.

“You have very strong muscles back here,” Stallion says as he spreads her legs.

Yes, Leilani can get her legs all the way back so guys can fuck her. Here, she gets fucked hard and deep. Enjoy. Leilani did.

It's BBC day for Leilani

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