It’s all Roxy!

It's all Roxy!

“I like to flaunt my body, whether it’s workout attire, business attire or casual,” said Roxy Royce, a 55-year-old wife and mom from Southern California. “It’s all body-hugging and flaunting to show off my assets.”

Among those assets are her huge, fake tits and long, thin legs. In these photos, she’s wearing a short, low-cut dress that shows them off to good advantage. When the dress comes off, she lies back, gets her legs straight up in the air and spreads her pussy and asshole wide. Then she fingers that pierced pussy. It’s a very good show (and the first time we’ve gotten to see her solo).

“My husband and I are both business executives, so we tended to be very discreet, but now I’m doing this, so I guess a lot more people are going to see me, which is fine with both of us,” Roxy said. “I’m proud of how I look and he’s proud of his wife.”

As well he should be.

Roxy’s sexual fantasy: “My own private cock and cum party.”

What satisfies her best: “A huge cock.”

Has she ever had sex with a much-younger man? “Yes, on the 50Plus MILFs set!”

It's all Roxy!

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