Isabella’s full-body workout

Isabella's full-body workout

Isabella Loren, 46, pierced her nipples and had tattoos placed around her pussy for a simple, strategic reason: “I always want to draw attention to my erogenous zones,” she said. “You might have noticed my tattoos almost act like arrows directing you toward the areas where I want you to pay attention: my pussy and my ass. In all honesty, I’ve never known a woman as horny as I am.”

Here, it’s exercise time for Isabella. When this video opens, she’s on the treadmlll, and her personal trainer is putting her through the paces, working her hard. She’s getting hot, so she takes off her sweatshirt and reveals a sports bra that’s not even covering her nipples.

“I must be doing my job,” the trainer says, admiring her body, but Isabella tells him that her husband doesn’t seem to give a shit. Well, the trainer does, and when he asks Isabella if she’s feeling okay, she answers, “No, I need to get fucked. I need cock bad. My fucking husband hasn’t given me any cock. I’m so fucking horny right now. I need it. Come over here and finger my pussy for me,” she says.

She likes a finger in her asshole, too. And a cock.

“Fuck that pussy. You want some ass? Put it in me, baby. Nice and slow.”

Nice and slow at first. Hard and fast real soon. Isabella gets a full-body workout, asshole included. And with her hair covered with cum, she even sucks the cock that just came out of her ass. Raw sleaze.

Isabella's full-body workout

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