Huge-titted Ricki Raxxx comes to 40Something

Huge-titted Ricki Raxxx comes to 40Something

Huge-titted Ricki Raxxx comes to 40Something

“My kinky is size,” said Ricki Raxxx, who made growth spurt history when she went from an F-cup in her SCORE magazine debut in 2002 to an M-cup right here. Her areolae got bigger, too, and are among the largest ever seen. As for the rest of her body…wow!

Ricki says she super-sized her tits for your viewing pleasure, but the show doesn’t stop there. She also has long, shapely legs, a pussy with a nice helping of hair on top and pink ram holes she loves to spread as wide as possible.

“The advantages of large boobs is that they are great eye candy and fun to play with,” Ricki said. “The disadvantage is that everyone’s wife hates me.” Maybe so, but we love her.

When Ricki first shot for us, she was a 21-year-old dancer who had been giving club goers woodies for three years as a sofa dancer at The Filly Corral in Smithton, Pennsylvania. Ricki played a stripper in the TV show Banshee and the movie Zack and Miri Make A Porno.

“I live naked 24/7 when I’m home,” she said. “Sexually I am passive, although I may not look it. I often initiate sex because I get impatient. I very rarely masturbate. I think I have fulfilled all my fantasies.”

40Something: Do you play any sports?

Ricki: No sports. Have you seen my tits? They would hinder me.

40Something: Any hobbies?

Ricki: Antique shopping and yard work.

40Something: Do you usually wear panties?

Ricki: Yes, G-strings or bubblebutt.

40Something: What is sexy to you?

Ricki: Sexy to me is someone being okay with who they are, someone with a great personality, a sense of humor and being a stiff worker.

Huge-titted Ricki Raxxx comes to 40Something

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