How a big-assed EXPERIENCED starts her day

How a big-assed SEASONED starts her day

When this scene opens, 48-year-old Amber Lace is sleeping and starting to wake up. Why on earth would you want to watch a woman sleeping? Because this woman has big tits and a huge, round bum and she’s wearing little panties and a white top. She rolls over, giving us a great view of her great butt, then starts touching herself. Ya gotta love a dame who wakes up horny.

Then Amber heads to the bathroom, where she takes a shower and touches herself some more before drying off, again bending over so we can see her bum. And what does Amber do next? Does she get dressed to start her day? Nope. She goes back to bed, now totally naked, takes a penis toy out of her nightstand and rams her pussy with it. The highlight is when Amber turns over onto all fours, spreads her bum cheeks and screws herself from behind, butthole in full view. She cums hard. And her friends wonder why Amber walks around happy all day!

Amber is a wife and milfs from Southern California. She’s definitely not one of those hard-bodied MILF who spend their days at the gym and starve themselves. She’s lush, soft and curvy in a very womanly way.

“I’m not really into any sports,” Amber said. “I enjoy gardening, arts and crafts and dancing. And I have sex at least five times a week.”

She had sex four times with us: twice on video and twice for photos (we shoot our photo and video scenes separately, so on days that our MILFS nail, they get quite a workout and quite a lot of rod).

What Amber finds sexy: “Nice bums, people who care about their appearance but don’t overdo it, hygiene and a man who smells good.”

Sexual fantasies: “I really don’t have any, but I think it’s hot when I see porn where the girl is humped fully clothed, skirt up and undies pulled to the side.”

Amber on being watched while having sex: “I prefer not to be watched, but I don’t mind as long as whoever’s watching doesn’t become a cheerleader.”

In other words, males, jack but don’t talk.

How a big-assed OLDER starts her day

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