Hot in the kitchen

Hot in the kitchen

Tara White, a 48-year-old MILF from Chile, is in the kitchen with her step-son, doing the dishes. He has his back to her, and she notices something.

“What are you doing with my panties in your fuckin’ back pocket?” she asks him.

“I found them…” he tries.

“What the hell?” she says. “You can’t do that. What do you think your father would say? You’re my step-son! We have boundaries here.”

Guess what? Those boundaries are about to be crossed.

She tells him this is unacceptable. She tells him she’s going to teach him a lesson. But before he knows it, she’s unbuckling his jeans.

What kind of lesson is this?

“No!” he says, although he doesn’t really mean it.

She pulls down his underwear, turns him around and spanks his butt.

“No!” she says. “You don’t grab your step-mom’s panties.” Another spank, then another.

“Sorry, Mom,” he says.

He says he’ll never do it again, but she keeps slapping him. Then she turns him around, crouches down and sucks his cock.

Hmmmm…we think a woman sucking her step-son’s cock is probably farther across the boundaries then the step-son stealing her panties. But what do we know?

We don’t blame Billy for being into his step-mom. She has big tits and a hot body. And he’s probably heard her banging his dad in the next room. Chances are that after what happens here, there’s going to be a lot of boundary crossing over the next several years.

Hot in the kitchen

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