For starters, Penelope fucks her son’s friend

For starters, Penelope fucks her son's friend

Penelope Star is a 43-year-old divorcee and mom. And earlier this year, she became a grandmother. It is just mindboggling that a grandma could look as good as Penelope does with her beautiful face, curvy body and big tits. After this scene was shot, we told JMac that Penelope is a grandmother, and his response was, basically, “You’re shitting me!”

Nope. We’re not.

Here, this hottie from New Jersey thinks she’s home alone. She’s wearing sexy lingerie and is shocked to discover that her son’s friend, JMac, is there and taking a shower. When JMac comes out, he’s shocked to see his friend’s mom standing there…although not shocked enough to keep him from grabbing her tits. Then she sucks his cock, and it’s game on. JMac fucks her every which way with his huge cock and cums on her face.

Penelope enjoys yoga and meditation. She usually doesn’t wear panties. She says the people who know her wouldn’t be surprised to see her here.

“People know I am a very sexually charge woman who loves to explore new things in the bedroom,” she said.

Penelope is an esthetician and a model. She isn’t a swinger but she is a nudist. She masturbates while watching porn. She also loves being watched and enjoys going to sex clubs.

Doesn’t that make her swinger? Guess not.

Anyway, Penelope is now a porn star. A grandma and a pornstar. Nice combination, we think.

For starters, Penelope fucks her son's friend

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