First-timer Mallory fucks the peeper

First-timer Mallory fucks the peeper

In her debut, 40-year-old divorcee Mallory Taylor catches a peeper and decides to give him what he wants. Because it’s what she wants, too. She sucks his cock with her dick-sucking lips, sits on top of his hard cock, has him fuck her tight pussy every which way then gets her pretty face glazed. Yeah, it’s her first time, but Mallory has what it takes.

Mallory is 5’4″ and weighs 138 pounds. She has blonde hair and D-cup tits. And she’s a mom. A hot mom.

“I like to dress sexy,” she told us. “I always wear tight clothes that show off my body.”

Mallory used to be a cocktail waitress in a casino. We’re sure she got a lot of good tips, especially when she was wearing uniforms that showed off her big tits and nice ass, which she always was.

We asked Mallory if she likes being watched while having sex, and she said, “Yes. It always makes it more exciting.” But she’s not a swinger or a nudist, which means this a rare opportunity for Mallory to be watched. Let her know what you think. What you’re doing while you’re watching her, too.

“I like a man who knows how to give me his undivided attention and interest,” Mallory said.

That shouldn’t be hard to find.

First-timer Mallory fucks the peeper

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