Denise La Fleur nails her photographer

Denise La Fleur fucks her photographer

Throughout the years, many members and 40Something magazine readers have asked us, “How do the photographers keep from getting a hard-on when they’re shooting these hot MILFs” and “How do they keep it in their pants?” and “Do the photographers ever get any action?” This scene, starring 40-year-old wife and milfs Denise La Fleur, attempts to answer those questions. The answers: they don’t, they try and yes.

Denise is the model. She’s wearing a bra and panties. The photographer is directing the photo shoot, telling her what to do, having her play with her tits, and Denise is getting more and more turned on. She can tell that he is, too, so she takes matters into her own hands, mouth and pussy. The photo shoot ends. The sucking and ramming begins.

40Something: What do you do back home in Texas?

Denise: Besides model and take care of kiddos? I help my husband run his business. It’s a family business. Run around behind his assistant sometimes. Other than that, I’m a stay-at-home milfs, and that keeps me running around all over the place.

40Something: What’s more fun, doing that or doing what you’re doing here?

Denise: This is obviously more fun. This is a really cool escape. I get to take this break and it’s not a typical break. I get to do this, and it’s pretty cool, but being a MILF is cool, too. It’s two completely different items.

40Something: Was this some sort of bucket list thing for you?

Denise: Not really. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, getting into porn and staying in it and seeing what happens and how far I can go with it. To me, a bucket list is I’m going to do something, check it off and I’m not going to do it again, like skydiving. To me, this is a goal and I plan on doing this for a while. I’m an artistic type, so I’ve done things in other art mediums and this is one area of creativity.

Denise La Fleur humps her photographer

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