Cyndi screws her daughter’s boyfriend

Cyndi slams her daughter’s boyfriend

Cyndi pounds her daughter's boyfriend

Cyndi Sinclair, wearing a petite bra and littler underwear, has some alone time in her bedroom…or so she thinks. Because while this 53-year-old milfs is playing with herself, her daughter’s boyfriend is watching her. And not just watching. The bold male is jacking off!

“I’m so sorry, Miss Sinclair,” he blurts out when she catches him dick-handed.

“No, wait,” she says. “Why are you perving on me?”

Uh, because you’re a sexy little piece of bum with a bangin’ body?

“The door was open,” he says.

That might explain some items, but it doesn’t explain why his penis is out and at full mast.

“Well, since you’re here and I’m horny…” she says. “Now I know why my daughter likes you so much.”

His brains? His personality?

“You have a really nice dick,” she says as she strokes it.

If you didn’t know it already from watching her scenes three years ago at, Cyndi has spectacular oral skills, meaning she really knows how to suck dick and balls. She does this quick, rapid-sucking thing when the penis is in her mouth, and we have no idea how the guy is able to hold back when she does that. But he does, and after eating Cyndi’s very eatable pussy, he humps her in a whole bunch of positions.

So let this be a lesson to all of you dudes out there who have gfriends with hot moms. It’s the mature you really want. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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