Cum with Constance

Cum with Constance

“My saying always was that I wasn’t much into watching porn but I enjoyed making it, so here I am, enjoying making it and with a great company,” 52-year-old divorcee and mom Constance Joy said. “Had I ever thought of it? Yeah, but I thought I was too old for it.”

Too old for it? There’s no such thing, especially when a woman looks like Constance. She has short, silver hair and a great body. She has a tight pussy that, in this scene, she fingers and rubs while softly talking dirty to you.

By the way, Constance’s photos and video today continue what promises to be a big month at and In our never-ending quest to keep you entertained while you’re stuck inside, we’ll be posting four times a week.

Anyway, here are some excerpts from our interview with Constance.

50Plus MILFs: Would your friends and family be surprised to see you here?

Constance: Probably some, but my true friends and family would be happy for me. Surprised and happy. Some would probably be shocked. I was a strong Christian for a number of years, so my church friends would be more shocked.

50Plus MILFs: Would the you of 20 years ago be shocked to see you here now?

Constance: She’d be saying, “Go girl!”

50Plus MILFs: How do you present yourself in everyday situations?

Constance: I dress sexy if I’m going to a club or out to dinner, but then around normal, everyday situations, very casual. T-shirts and shorts, like people dress in Florida. In Michigan, where I used to live, I was a little more dressy.

50Plus MILFs: Let’s talk about sex. Would you say you’ve always been sexual?

Constance: Yes, but it became more prominent in my life in my 40s when I realized what I wanted and what makes me feel good and that it was okay to enjoy it and ask for what you want, whereas sometimes when you’re younger, you take what they have to give.

50Plus MILFs: What do you want?

Constance: I want a good, hard fuck! I like being paid attention to. I don’t ever want to feel like they’re out of the room when they’re still with me. My favorite position is doggy style with my hair pulled. Just the back of the nape. Not too hard, not too soft, just in the right spot, and I also have a special spot right on the back of my neck. I actually have a tattoo next to the spot that’s almost like an external clitoris, and just from the right touch and stimulation, I can actually cum without any penetration

50Plus MILFs: What if a person just brushes past you and accidentally touches that spot?

Constance: I just shiver. It has happened, like when I have my hair cut. I tell my gentleman friend or my female friend where it is, and if they can’t find it, we have a problem.

Cum with Constance

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