Colombian OLDER nails her step-son

Colombian OLDER nails her step-son

Colombian EXPERIENCED bangs her step-son

In her encore nail scene at, 45-year-old Colombian mom Karla is taking a shower. Alone.

We did say this was a nail scene, didn’t we? Well, we didn’t lie.

Anyway, like we said, Karla is in the shower, soaping up her fine body, which includes nice, big tits and a great butt. She thinks she’s alone. She thinks she’s having some private time. But she’s not.

You see, someone comes along and starts watching her. And that person happens to be her 20-year-old step-son.

Of course, he does what any 20-year-old would do if he saw his hot step-mom taking a shower: He takes out his rod and jacks it. But then she catches him. He’s in a lot of trouble, right?

Well, you know the answer to that question. He’s in no trouble at all, but he is going to be in his step-mom’s mouth and pussy. Karla tells him his penis is bigger than his father’s. That’s something you don’t hear every day from your step-mom. He ends up shooting his load all over her face and chest. She’d better clean up before Dad gets home.

The other day, we asked Karla, “Do you initiate sex or wait for him to make the first move?” And she said, “Believe it or not, I’m shy.”

This scene does nothing at all to make us believe her because she wastes no time getting to her knees and deep-throating her step-son’s rod. But, hey, we’re not gonna argue with her.

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