Carrie’s first time

Carrie’s first time

Carrie's first time

Carrie Romano, 55-year-old swinger, nudist, financial services professional and self-proclaimed “conservative” woman, sucks and fucks on camera for the first time.

“I’m very excited,” Carrie said. “My husband had always wanted me to do porn, and I’d always wanted to try it, so this seemed like the right time.”

By the way, the guy she’s sucking and fucking is the one who discovered her. His name is Tony, he’s one of our studs, and he was prowling the Internet, looking for models (and MILFs to fuck) when he came upon Carrie at a swingers exchange site. He did us a favor, and now we’re doing him a favor. A big favor. We’re letting him be the first to fuck her on camera.

“What would I say if somebody from work saw my videos and asked me about them?” Carrie said. “I’d probably say, ‘You naughty boy. What are you doing looking at dirty websites?’ And then he’d blush. See? We all have secrets. I love mine!”

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