Candy slams her son’s best friend

Candy pumps her son’s best friend

Candy slams her son's best friend

When this scene opens, Candy, a 52-year-old wife and MILF, thinks she’s all alone. She’s sitting on her sofa, legs spread, toy buried inside her pussy, really enjoying herself. But then some young guy comes along, trips over something and disturbs her.

“Oh no!” she says. “You’re my son’s best friend. I’m so sorry.”

Nothing to be sorry about as far as we can see.

“It’s okay,” the guy says. “We can just pretend like this never happened.”

Yeah, except when you go home and jack off to what you just saw. But actually, the young dude is going to get something much better.

“Come here for a minute,” she says. “I have to make it up to you.”

How? With a blow job. By giving him her pussy.

He’s resistant for a few seconds, but resistance is futile when a hot mature has her hand and then her mouth on your penis.

Candy on sex with younger men: “All the time. I’ve always had sex with younger males.”

The dude in this scene is 20.

Candy on making the first move, as she does here: “I usually initiate it because that’s how I always seem to feel: horny.”

Sexual fantasies: “Professional porn shoots and group sex.”

She’s crossed the first one off that list!

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