Can Minka handle The Fuck Machine?

Can Minka handle The Pound Machine?

Minka is the #1 Asian tit queen on the planet. The big-tit experts are all in agreement, including comedian Adam Carolla, who once interviewed Minka for his Loveline radio show. Over the years, whenever another girl would try to get as bigtits as her, Minka would simply super-size her rack. They’re now KK-cups. When Minka’s bra fitter saw Minka’s tits after one of her early tit expansions in 1999, the chick nearly fainted.

Minka was 59 when these photos were taken. She lives in Las Vegas. She has used every kind of sex toy at photo shoots, girl-girls and bachelor parties, from vibrators and dildos to butt plugs and asshole beads, but even she did a double take when she eyed The Nail Machine for the first time.

The thing with Minka is that big tits does not equal big pussy. So some of the studs we’ve given her to fuck at SCORELAND and have had to hold back from cumming because Minka’s tight cunt was squeezing their rods.

“One said, ‘Minka, your pussy is so tight!'” she said. “The smallest guy I banged at SCORELAND had seven inches. I couldn’t believe how big his penis felt.”

In these photos, Minka is able to get a few inches of the monster dildo attached to the pump machine into her pussy, and she rubbed her engorged clit while it fucked her pussy, the way she does when she’s getting nailed by a flesh and blood rod.

But what men really want to do is bang her tits.

“Some guys just look at my tits and before they even put it in there, they jizz,” she said. “No titty fucking. Just watching. And sometimes if they are slammed my boobies, one minute, two minutes, sayonara, that’s it! They jizz all over my boobies!”

Amazing. The dame has been at it for over 25 years and she still has the magic. This past September, she became a 60Plus SEASONED. We look forward to having her back again.

Can Minka handle The Pump Machine?

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