Brianna Wildman – Real-life showgirl

Real-life showgirl

Real-life showgirl

Brianna is a 40-year-old MILF and dance instructor from Las Vegas. She’s 5’2″, 106 pounds, and she dresses like she’s dressed here all the time. Why?

“Because I like to attract attention,” she said. “Because I like to get laid. I love when guys look at my big tits.”

Here, Brianna is standing on a street corner in Miami, Florida, dressed like a hooker. But the truth is, women in South Florida dress like this all the time. If this were New York City or Philadelphia, Chicago, even, you’d know for sure that Brianna was a hooker. But in South Florida, and even in Vegas, it can get confusing.

Anyway, whether Brianna is a hooker or just trying to get picked up, the result is the same: She gets fucked. Hard and deep.

“I felt like my pussy couldn’t stretch anymore,” she said. “God, that cock was so good!”

Glad you enjoyed it, Brianna.

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