Boots and a buzzing

Boots and a buzzing

Constance Joy, a 52-year-old divorcee and mother of three from Michigan who lives in Florida, strips down to her thigh-high boots, spreads her legs and makes herself cum with a buzzing toy. Constance, a first-timer, shot five scenes when she visited us–two boy-girl XXXs, a solo and an interview–and this is the last of the bunch.

50Plus MILFs: Regarding cock size, do you prefer more girth or more length?
Constance: Girth. The girth, you feel it on the sides and it hits more spots. When it’s more narrow, it’s not hitting the sides as much and going up towards your belly button, and what’s up there? But it depends on how he uses it, too.

50Plus MILFs: So if I gave you the choice between eight inches and thin or six inches and thick…
Constance: I’d do six and thick.

50Plus MILFs: You have kids, right?
Constance: I have a daughter. She’s grown-up.

50Plus MILFs: Does she know you’re here?
Constance: She knows I’m in Florida. She does not know I’m here with you. I’m very honest with her except in this one aspect. I don’t think my sexual preferences are any concern of my child. If she did find out, I don’t think she’d disown me. I do think she’d be a little shocked, but she’d understand. She knows that I date a lot.

50Plus MILFs: Ever had sex in front of people?
Constance: I did that. I liked it. It was more of a turn-on than I’d anticipated. I was at a club in Chicago, and I closed my eyes and I opened them and there were a lot of people in the room. At first I was a little intimidated, but then I realized it was kind of a show, and so when people are watching, you want to be at your best, so you give it a little more. I became a little more assertive and a little more dominating. Like, “Do you want to see this? Let’s go!”

50Plus MILFs: So what did you do?
Constance: I told people what to do and where to move and what position I wanted them in next. You see, I’m always the single female. I went there with another couple, and there were five of us, and we were all sort of intertwined. It was kind of an orgy, then people came in and were getting closer.

50Plus MILFs: Fantasies?
Constance: I’ve lived out most of my fantasies. Of course, having two men around all the time would be a great fantasy. Not just sexually but all the time. I’ve had more of my fantasies come true in the last year than I ever anticipated.

Boots and a buzzing

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