Billi’s sex day on Biscayne Bay

Billi's sex day on Biscayne Bay

A private yacht on Biscayne Bay. A sunny South Florida afternoon. Blonde bombshell Billi Bardot is dressed to kill in a bikini that’s being stretched to the max by her big, fake tits. It’s amazing that this woman is 41 years old and has kids; her body is that good.

The young deckmate, Oliver, the new boy, has taken notice. It’s his first day on the job. Billi’s looking for her husband, but he’s nowhere to be found. What the fuck, did he go overboard?

“I guess I can use you for something,” she tells him.

“Yeah, anything,” he says, checking her out as she walks away and bends over, because in addition to those tits, Billi’s got booty, too.

“What did you have in mind?” he says.

“I need you to rub in some of this oil,” she says, asking for help with untying her bikini.

Looks like Oliver’s going to enjoy his new job.

“My husband’s not here,” Billi says. “This is what I do on my boat when he’s not around.”

Oliver’s not so sure about that. He wants to keep his job. But he quickly gets into the swing of things, spraying oil onto Billi’s now-totally naked body and rubbing it in. She might have noticed that he was enjoying this too much if only she wasn’t enjoying it so much.

And that’s how deckmate turns into dickmate. They fuck on the deck, in full view of anyone who might pass by. Is that what Billi does on her boat when her husband’s not around?

Billi's sex day on Biscayne Bay

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