Beau’s first fuck video

Beau's first fuck video

Talk about a hot teacher! Beau Diamonds from West Midlands, United Kingdom, is the hottest teacher of all in her first fuck scene for This 51-year-old wife, mother and grandmother is sitting at a desk wearing a very short skirt (we can see the top of her stockings), heels and a button-down shirt that’s unbuttoned just enough so we can see her beautiful cleavage. She has long, red hair that contrasts against that white shirt.

But the guy she’s tutoring…he doesn’t seem to have much going on upstairs. He’s struggling with the lesson, which is a problem because he has a final exam coming up…to be a sex therapist!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Beau needs a way to make her lessons stick in the guy’s head. Learning by the book is getting this young dude nowhere. So what does she do? She gives him a hands-on lesson. She has him touch every part of her body. She sucks his cock and has him eat her pussy. She has him fuck her every which way, and keeps the tutorial going while they’re fucking. Does the guy end up learning anything? Will he pass his final exam? Who knows? But he does get to fuck one of the hottest MILFs around and cum all over her asshole.

Beau is a porn star. She’s also a swinger.

“The wildest time was my first party when I had sex with four guys and a girl,” she said. “Another time, my husband arranged a three-guy BBC gang bang for my 50th birthday. Six hours of being treated like a princess!”

Funny, we don’t remember reading about BBC gangbangs in those old fairy tale books with princesses and princes and kings and queens. There’s no Cinderella story we know of that includes a gangbang.

Maybe we were reading the wrong books.

Beau's first fuck video

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