Another woman’s husband

Another woman's husband

Casey Bryant doesn’t feel like working. She feels like fucking. Hey, that kind of thing happens around here all the time. So, when some married man comes into her florist shop looking for some makeup flowers because he cheated on his wife, Casey doesn’t see what the big deal is. Hey, so he fucked another woman. Casey wouldn’t care. Her hubby fucks around all the time, and she’s okay with that as long as she gets her share of strange cock, too.

You can guess what happens next. Married man decides Casey is his kind of woman, and when she gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock, he doesn’t stop her. Wife? What wife? Flowers? What flowers?

Casey is well aware that thousands of men are going to be jacking to her fuck scene.

“They’d better!” she said. “That’s the main reason I did this. That and because my husband is a 40Something reader. My ultimate thrill would be to catch him masturbating to my photos. Can you imagine cumming in your wife’s mouth while you’re looking at her photos in 40Something?”

Another woman's husband

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