An anal “Howdoyado?”

An anal 'Howdoyado?'

Now this is our idea of an introduction! Pepper, who’s 45 and from Texas, is sitting on a couch with her fingers buried inside her pussy. She’s working her pink cunt hard when her guy shows up.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Pepper says. “What took you so long? This 45-year-old pussy is just so hot and ready for you.”

Turns out that her ass is ready for him, too, because when the action starts, the guy has one finger in her pussy and two in her asshole, and she’s enjoying it a lot. Then she sucks his cock deep (nice BJ style, Pepper), fucks his cock with her pussy and takes it where she really wants it: in her ass. So how’s that, fellas: an anal debut.

Pepper is 5’8″, 135 pounds and enjoys reading, sucking cock and getting fucked in her ass. You know, everybody has their calling in life. We think Pepper has found hers.

An anal 'Howdoyado?'