Amelie Azzure – Amelie’s first time

Amelie's first time

Amelie, a 40-year-old divorcee and MILF, turned 40 just this past January, but it didn’t get her down. No way. That’s because she’s still keeping young guys up, and at the rate she’s going, she’s going to keep them up for a long time.

Amelie, who works as a store clerk, grew up in a small city in the Czech Republic and now lives in Prague, which is where our photographer found her. She was wearing a short skirt and heels. It was the middle of the day in a crowded restaurant. Something about the look in her eye told our photographer, “This girl might appreciate an opportunity like this.”

An opportunity to fuck young, hung porn studs on-camera for all the world to see? Yes, Amelie was all for that. She’d never modeled before, and one might say she still hasn’t modeled. Is fucking on-camera modeling?

Anyway, welcome Amelie. The video is next.

Amelie's first time

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