Amber Lace’s morning routine…it’s not so routine!

Amber Lace's morning's not so routine!

48-year-old Amber Lace is a wife and mom from Southern California. She’s definitely not one of those hard-bodied MILFS who spend their days at the gym and starve themselves. She’s lush, soft and curvy in a very womanly way. And she has one of the biggest, roundest, most-voluptuous butts you’ll ever see.

“I’m not really into any sports,” Amber said. “I enjoy gardening, arts and crafts and dancing. And I have sex at least five times a week.”

She had sex four times with us: twice on video and twice for photos (we shoot our photo and video scenes separately, so on days that our MILFS ram, they get quite a workout and quite a lot of penis). In this scene, Amber is by herself, showing us how she starts her day: waking up, taking a hot shower then going back to bed and ramming herself with a big toy.

What Amber finds sexy: “Nice asses, people who care about their appearance but don’t overdo it, hygiene and a dude who smells good.”

Sexual fantasies: “I really don’t have any, but I think it’s hot when I see porn where the girl is banged fully clothed, skirt up and panties pulled to the side.”

Amber on being watched while having sex: “I prefer not to be watched, but I don’t mind as long as whoever’s watching doesn’t become a cheerleader.”

In other words, men, jack but don’t talk.

Amber Lace's morning's not so routine!

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