A mom like Lily

A mom like Lily

These MILFs…how do they do it? How do they stay so hot, sexy and shapely? Most of them, like 41-year-old Lily Canary, are moms. They work real jobs. They work all day and take care of their kids, and some of them, again like Lily, are grandmothers. There was a time when women started to go downhill when they turned 40, but not anymore. Not at 40SomethingMag.com at least. Here, we have beautiful, long-legged ladies like Lily. She measures 36-24-36, which forever has been the standard of perfection.

But these ladies aren’t just sexy and shapely. They don’t just look good. No. They come to our studios and suck porn studs’ cocks. They get fucked by those porn cocks. And Lily (who, by the way, has old-fashioned hair on her pussy) finishes things off by jacking her stud’s load into her mouth. Yeah, these MILFs eat cum, too!

After all these years, we’re still amazed by the things these ladies do for us. Of course, they’re doing it for themselves, too.

Now, Lily is from the Czech Republic, and it’s no secret that a lot of Czech women do porn. Lily is proving to those 20-year-old Czech porn chicks that they don’t have to stop fucking on-camera when they turn 40. Hey, if they want, they can start fucking on-camera when they turn 40.

Lily is divorced. She likes guys who are the teddy bear-type. She’s a romantic. We asked her if she has any fetishes, and she said, “Porn is kinky enough for me.”

She’s got that right.

A mom like Lily

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