A 67-year-old who knows exactly what to do

A 67-year-old who knows exactly what to do

A 67-year-old who knows exactly what to do

When this scene opens, 67-year-old Blair Angeles is lying in bed with a man. A man she met minutes earlier, by the way. She’s wearing a tight, short, red dress and stroking his leg.

“I’m a grandmother,” she tells him as she keeps stroking.

“That is so hot,” he says. He tells her he’s into older woman. He likes that they’re experienced.

“I’m experienced,” she says.

“Some of these young girls don’t know what to do,” he says.

Blair knows what to do. They kiss and her hands go right to his package. Then she has him suck her big tits. She tells him just how to play with them, and then he takes out his cock and she knows just what to do with it. She really makes love to his cock. She doesn’t just suck it. She savors every inch. They fuck every which way before he cums on her tits. Of course he cums on her tits. You’d want to cum on her tits.

Blair, who’s 5’6″ and weighs 164 pounds, was born in Los Angeles and lives in Philadelphia. She’s divorced. We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, “Yes!”

She also said, “I like men of any age. I’ve been fortunate to have a smorgasbord of men. I think younger men like women like me because they look at us as someone who’s seasoned and knows what they want, and it’s unfortunate that women don’t speak their minds sexually or any other way because it really makes the experience much more complete.”

Blair speaks her mind. She does what she wants. She wanted to do this, and here she is.

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