A 50Plus bikini body

A 50Plus bikini body

Beth McKenna, 52 and from Mississippi, shows off her bikini body then fingers her pussy. She has a very nice ass, too, that she spreads for your viewing pleasure.

50Plus MILFs: What’s sexy to you?

Beth: A person who’s confident without being cocky, regardless of the gender of the person. I find all sorts of things sexy: a beautiful body, a smile, music, someone who smiles at me in just that way. And someone who loves to kiss. Someone who makes eye contact with me. It’s very important to make that connection.

50Plus MILFs: What are your sexual fantasies?

Beth: One is to be awakened from sleep by my lover giving me a slow build up to an amazing oral orgasm. Another is that my lover meets me in a hotel, and when I walk in, he or she pushes me against the wall, puts my hands up against it and devours me. I fantasize about hot, passionate sex against a wall that leads to us falling into bed for round two and three and then going all night long. I’m not one for just cumming and then turning over and going to sleep. I want to keep going!

50Plus MILFs: What would be your perfect day or evening?

Beth: Okay. My date picks me up for dinner, but we are so horny that we have hot sex against the wall in the foyer before dinner. We then go to dinner and have a lovely meal with wine and soft jazz and are able to enjoy the knowledge of what we just did. And then we go back to my place and slowly enjoy each other all night. I am voracious, so I love marathon sex sessions. I can go all night. It takes a good man to keep up with me.

A 50Plus bikini body

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