61-year-old Sunni screws her daughter’s 22-year-old boyfriend

61-year-old Sunni nails her daughter’s 22-year-old boyfriend

61-year-old Sunni pumps her daughter's 22-year-old boyfriend

Ah, so it’s the ol’ “mom finds a cock pic on her daughter’s phone” scenario. In this case, the mature is 61-year-old Sunni Daize, who lives in Tampa, Florida. The rod pic belongs to a man with a really big penis, and Sunni likes really big cocks. So, instead of reprimanding the dude and grounding her daughter, Sunni invites him over and gives him Mom’s pussy. Her mouth, too. Mrs. Daize (yes, she’s married) has a very talented mouth.

Like we said, Sunni is 61. The male she’s humping here is 22, and that’s the largest age differential Sunni’s had in a sexual partner. When she was in her 50s, she pumped a 21-year-old, but this beats that by quite a bit.

Sunni is a mother and GILF. She and her husband are swingers who used to manage their own lifestyle club. She told us, “He watches me have sex or joins in.”

She’s also a nudist and has been one for over 10 years, so this is a very sexual chick you’re looking at.

But we think you knew that.

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61-year-old Sunni screws her daughter's 22-year-old boyfriend